Depression Sucks

Hello Everyone I Know It’s Been Awhile Since You Guys Heard From Me How Are You Guys Doing? I Hope Everyone Is Doing Great. I Am Recovering From Losing A close Family Member To Depression And Being Addicted To Opiates. That Really Took Something From Me. We Talked Almost Everyone Or Text. We Had Just […]

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The Worse Day Of My Life

Good Evening Everyone I Hope Everyone Is Having A Blessed/Great Afternoon! Well, My Morning Started Off With Me Waking Up Thanking God For Another Day, Getting My Son Ready For School, And All I’m Thinking About Is All That I’ve Been Through (Just Depressed). I’ve Been Through so Much. 11 Year’s Ago I Was About […]

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Nomore Overthinking

Good Morning, Everyone, My Son Is Off To School. I am Praying He Has A Great Day Today As Well As The Whole School Year. I Also Pray That Other Kid’s Have A Great Day And Also A Great Year. I Pray And Cover Them All In The Blood Of Jesus!! Amen! All I See […]

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Mother With Depression

Good Morning, My Son Is Off To School And I’m Catching Up On Some Writing. School Came Back Around Fast! Wow! These Years Are Flying By Before You Know It I’ll Be 40 HaHa! J/P (I’m 30) Alittle Joke. The Years Are Going By Fast Though. I Pray That My Child And Every Other Child […]

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